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Richard Aldano, my husband in the 1980's, took this photo of me while hiking in Sedona Oak Creek Canyon. Center position is my kennel Logo, and I have included a photo of Annie, my companion guard dog.
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You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.
~Eleanor Roosevelt~
Learning to improve your competency at something such as fixing computer problems or beginning with a blank canvas is sometimes fearful but with courage we can be glad we tried and triumphed.
There is self esteem and satisfaction earned by simply doing what we thought at first we couldn't.
Forgiving, correcting, and erasing mistakes is also important.
That is why Spring is so significant, spelling out beauty, the rare beauty of new life. It is always a new beginning and a fresh start. It is the beckoning blank canvas summoning consciousness-raising creative energies.

Scratchboard Pekingese Puppy
Daisy small graphic

Pekingese Promise

Computer Canvas
Y M Martin Copyright©
A line drawing using PSP 9 and my Pekingese, Daisy, in photo as reference, preparing to do image in scratchboard media.
Daisy as ink drawing
I Believe Art is the Language of the Soul

Art esthetically enhances the environment for all in it, now and for the foreseeable future.
The Artist is the medium; he transforms vision into reality, using various media, to create Art.

It would be difficult for a person with no soul to appreciate Art.

"People are never one thing or the other, and experiences are often a mixture of joy and sadness. It makes sense that Art isn't restricted to one set of definitions or limitations". -M. Stephen Doherty, Editor-in-Chief of American Artist.
He answers adroitly, and timely, the true meaning of Art.

As an Artist with an eternal soul,
I enjoy enhancing the digital photos taken of my Pekingese rendering them into animations, stationery, and other home computer Art products. Born in the sign of Gemini and employed as a IBM computer software systems designer and developer for International Corporations most of my life, I am now retired and enjoy a life as an Artist painting with Watercolor, Oil, Mixed Media, and other Computer Canvas Creations Art via PC Computers using the Corel Painter X program, Paint Shop Pro 9, Photoshop, Photo Impact 10 and Artists utility software.
Sonata in camera frame

A Death Certificate shows that you died.
Photos show that you lived.

Whenever we take a picture, we capture a moment that will never exist in exactly the same way again.

Every photo is an elegy of sorts, an immediate memorial to an instant that's gone forever ..............

recent photo of Yolanda

An epigram statement I recently wrote is

"Art  is  NOT a necessity of life...???
   Art  satisfies  the necessity of happiness, less wasteful, worrisome strife IN our life!"

I really do enjoy music, poetry, and all visual arts (the Pekingese dog is truly a living sculpture work of art with many different colors, coat textures, and faces).

"Art can draw the viewer into a more intrinsic moment, and it is in these moments that we evolve."
- JAMES VERBICKY, Abstract Expressionist Artist

picture of Chopin, my Pekingese puppy


I have come to terms with the fact
That I was only an Artist wannabe;
Now I don't want to be a this, a that;
I am ready to accept God's Art, Me.

His Art is original, the Master Creator Divine,
No one can dispute, obediently I mind.

I am thankful God created Me to be!
He strengthens and so enlightens Me.

I am not to be defined merely by what I do;
Who I am and living authenticates Me to you.

                              (by Yolanda May Martin)
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Words are the loose change of thoughts and can become a fortune if saved and used wisely.
Unlike thoughts they can be referenced when needed, a valuable resource that can be shared with others.

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Over the last 20 years, I have placed my precious Pekingese puppies with loving responsible owners using my computer internet and its various online services and am able to send photos of my Pekingese and their pedigrees upon request and maintain this web site for others to visit and or contact me. It is enjoyable to receive emails and photos from their new owners... many of whom become close friends helping one another!
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