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"You are the music while the music lasts." T.S. Eliot

I guess my Pugs and Pekingese are my extended family and one that gives me much pleasure, life sustaining love, and interesting subjects for my digital photography and painting.

Pets versus people, pets and people, pets for people, pets abused by people, and pets above people? Pet is a concept and one maybe worth discussing? Pets in shelters, people in homeless shelters. Pets pampered and people pampered. Pets trained and people trained. Pets and the human condition. I do not understand the person who has an anti-pet anti-animal philosophy and probably they do not understand me as well.

I gave one of my Pekingese to an elderly widower who never had a pet before in his entire life and he has bonded with it. Statistics show that people with pets live longer happier lives.... but then statistics say the same thing for having sex. One can easily procure a pet of their choice but maybe not a sexual partner.

For many reasons and living single it was easier to choose pets who are like children and a family to me but who pose less problems than children would or the high maintenance and volatility of a sexual partner who being senior years may not live much longer or have other problems and history baggage.

My own children live in other states and rarely come to Phoenix and in fact I rarely hear from them. I have a responsibility to the puppies I bring into this world the same as if they were my children.

It is the responsibility of caring for a dependent that many parents get a pet for their child so that they can learn responsibility at a young age. Pets also assist a young child in learning non verbal behavior language, give comfort and companionship, and add a happy fun filled life to a home and family. I have learned more about health, nutrition, exercise, and medical treatments by having my pets who also center my world and keep me grounded. I could go on and on about how my Pugs and Pekingese have enriched my life in ways people could never do. My Pugs and Pekingese are not my whole life, but they do make my life whole.

I believe the future is not one friendly or compatible with pets in it as technology over rules and supplants all things that leave paw prints requiring space and care. I do not like the sterility that the future presents and will enjoy the present that I have ..... one with lots of beating hearts, life, and love. A robotic dog is not an acceptable pet.
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My Song Orient Sonata Pedigree

My Song My Song Just a Matter of Time (AKA Lovebug) Pedigree

 Sonata (front). Pekingese Montage
Scott Adams:
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.
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Henry David Thoreau:
The world is but a canvas to the Imagination.

If this makes me insane, then so be it, but don't be offended when I reject therapy in favor of who I am.

William Niver, Top1 Member, Intertel, Choctaw American Native Indian

Of my human condition..... and why I am more of an artist and poet than a mathematician.
"Better to be without logic than without feeling." Charlotte Bronte

Why I value humor ....
"Humor is something that thrives between man's aspirations and his limitations. There is more logic in humor than in anything else. Because, you see, humor is truth." Victor Borge

Art communicates creatively allowing emotional expression,
but Mathematics communicates truthfully disallowing emotional expression.
That is why you need both in your life!

Life is complex. It has real and imaginary components. There are more uncountable irrationals than countable rationals in it, infinitely unpredictable.

Yolanda M. Martin

I love photographing my Pugs and Pekingese!
Bark Less Wag More Mug
composite picture of my Pekingese kennel

Click to see a Corel Painter X, digital painting self portrait (photo based) holding my two Champion Pedigree Show Pekingese pets.
With Pekingese Pets
Yolanda With Pekingese Pets
Photo taken 2008

I am an Arizona American Aesthete now actively pursuing the therapeutic wellsprings of creativity endeavors, discovering an Artist and Author lifestyle opens to a new beginning. My life experiences and past professional business world career employment as an IBM Large Host Systems Computer Software Designer Developer Analyst are now integrated with the world community of Art and Artists.
Yolanda standing under her Pekingese Facts of Life ribbon winning painting, Autumn-2008
Welcome to My Web Site (a do-it-myself-just-for-fun-and-sharing site) filled with my Computer Canvas Creations, my writing, and photographs and paintings of my pet Pugs and Pekingese, friends and family.

I enjoyed being a Pekingese hobby breeder for over 20 years of street smart champion show Pedigree puppies for myself and Pekingese-loving friends. I stopped breeding Pekingese 2015 and in 2019 began breeding Pugs. This love for Pugs and Pekingese and my daily activities with them yields many opportunities to photograph and create Art images exhibiting their beauty.

One of my studies with my Pugs and Pekingese is analysis of their pack behavior and individual behavior observing behavioral changes in the pack and with individuals when varying the individual pack ........ I learn to understand my own and others' human behavior from my photo documentation....

COMPARATIVE PSYCHOLOGY... Taken in its most usual, broad sense, it refers to the study of the behavior and mental life of animals other than human beings studying and analyzing cross-species comparisons-including human to animal comparisons. Pugs and Pekingese and photography of them provide many opportunities for understanding their behavior and in many instances, my memberships with people organizations does provide insight into my Pug and Pekingese pack behaviors and vice versa.

Using a comparative approach to behavior allows evaluation of the target behavior from four different, complementary perspectives:

First, one may ask how pervasive the behavior is across species?

Second, one may ask how the behavior contributes to the lifetime success of the individuals demonstrating it?

Third, what mechanisms are trigger behavior? Meaning, what physiological, behavioral, and environmental components are necessary and sufficient for the generation of the behavior?

Fourth, a researcher may ask about the development of the behavior within an individual. Meaning, what maturational, learning, social experiences must an individual or a group in which the individual participates undergo in order to demonstrate a behavior? Can you then eventually predict specific behavior given the presence of the identified triggers? These latter questions provide a theory for the improving the behavior of one's self, understanding the behavior of other individuals, and the success and behavior of organizations (select groups).

My favorite quote often given with my Pekingese kennel name in my emails is "My Kingdom for a Song" and my home hobby breeder kennel is named "My Song Pekingese Park" (chosen to refer back in time to the Song Dynasty of China between 960 to 1279 AD following the Pekingese breed initial appearance in history (5th century)).
I have created a FB page, PUG PLACE PHOENIX, to feature news, videos, and art featuring my Pugs and their puppies.
I believe Art is the language of the Soul. I enjoy writing poetry, articles about Art, my Pugs and Pekingese pets, and matters that occupy my thoughts worthy of communicating to others. Writing is an Art, and one that helps the writer as much as the reader when perfected thus justifying the time and effort expended.

My personal life philosophy is realizing that what I do today is for improving what I do tomorrow and remembering without regret what I did yesterday.

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