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V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E      ART      
by Yolanda Martin
  • V alue ART for what it gives you
  • A lways see it with your heart
  • L ife may not fulfill your wishes
  • E ven lifelong lovers part
  • N ow enjoy the tender kisses
  • T ake from life the moment due
  • I dentify what your heart misses
  • N ever fear to follow-through
  • E verlasting, evermore, evergreen thou
Paul Callahan


Sonnet by Paul Callahan and Yolanda Martin

Value Art for what it shows you
Always seeing it with your heArt
Give the Artist his honest due
For Artist and you are not apArt

Enjoy Art like tender kisses
Flowing sweetly now to you
Dream dreams and wish wishes
Never fearing to follow through

Value Art for what it inspires in you
Always feeling it in your heArt
Living and loving according your due
Beauty found finishes creation's stArt

Beauty in Art fills the world through
Finding that beauty is Art inside you.

Katherine Washburn portrait and poem

Bob Eaton Portrait and Poetry

What Love Will Be Portrait and Poem

What is  Time? 
An eternal embrace of life and death, symbiotically significant.
Too often "still time" is like a still life portrait, devoid of change and useful stimulus,
Now to say you still will be is to say there's hope with thoughtful human kindness.
(Yolanda lives within time and sometimes beyond time...and still will be )


With decisions come consequences.
Some can be rehearsed;
Some can be reversed;
Some can not, you just take your chances.

During my life, I realized that I needed to have my own laboratory of one ...... me, myself, and I.
To learn in life, you must be able to experiment, to identify, and to control life's variables well.
I learned that sometimes we must choose the Path of No Return, go forward before its too late, improve our fate, reach high.
Now that my life is almost over, I must soon go down that Path of No Return, my dead body left in grave to dwell.
(Yolanda Martin )

SOUL....I think that it is a measure of the self, the lowest common denominator by which you can be compared to anything else, anywhere, anytime, and be assessed a value and worth in relative comparison... the entry in an accountants book of all things that matter. Yo M.

Points Order ( ThIMk Descartes) 1-2-3.
How easy
This will be.
1 point is a start
2 points is a line
3 points is a plane
4 points is a space
5 points is a selected time in space
6 points is a selected place in a time in space
7 points is a selected event in a place in a time and in space
8 points is a selected something in an event in a place in a time and in space
9 points is a selected change in something in an event in a place in a time and in space
And that is the essence of change and versioning control in the Universe;
Mathematical points in a matrix array with infinite use diverse!
(Yolanda Martin )

To many Native Americans,
I am too white ......

To many Non Native Americans,
I am too red.

Now I am just well Fed! :-)

(Yolanda Martin )


Inspire, morally uplift, and motivate
as often as you can.

The poor, the sick, and feeble minded
will work, be healed, and understand.

Within yourself exists the power
to improve the future of every man.

Learn, love, and live a full, happy life,
KEEPING mind while GIVING a helping hand.

(Yolanda Martin )


The eyes signal the spirit and strength of the Soul.
The Artist creating portraits must accurately render
The unique image of a being found there as a Whole.

Eyes are wise, alert, sad, joyful, thoughtful, or Kind.
Portrait integrity captures expressions from sender
Creating subject's likeness by eyes true to the Mind.

(Yolanda Martin )

Outside as I breathed in the cool morning air,
Flowers to be planted beckoned lovely and fair.

The Sun was not yet up nor light from the dawn,
As I stood under the streetlight eying my lawn.

So early on Sunday and before the light of day,
I knew time right to plant flowers by driveway.

With the help of nature, some water, and Sun,
With my trowel in hand, I soon would be done.

My hopes and thoughts say some may notice,
The beauty, Love, the peace flowers bestow us.

(Yolanda Martin )

One said "She is Mine."
Another said "I am Yours".

For each I did pine....
I searched for a sign....?
Thought, "the 2nd line Endures".

Love does not possess!
So I chose the gift of Love,
I confess, to him I said "Yes",
Now give Love, and Caress.

(Yolanda Martin )
The following poem is dedicated to our President Obama, A Man of Peace.

The Dove of Peace
Is not noisy or LOUD,
Ostentatious, or Proud.

The Dove of Peace
Is quiet, calm, strong,
Thinks of truth, not wrong.

A Man of Peace
Is like that silent Dove.
Power supply tapps Love.

(Yolanda Martin )

I am ambivalent about the health care industry.
On the one hand I hate it,
On the other hand I can't live without it.
But everyone knows and says it's too costly!
Hey, this rhymes too..

I am ambivalent about the health care industry.
On the one hand I hate it,
On the other hand I can't live without it,
But everyone is told it will soon be FREE!
Free .... and ever so very COSTLY?

Perfection is the absence of errors ... and also the absence of the one able
to detect a sin....

But nature abhors a void........

The Native American Indian allows some imperfections or his soul would be
trapped within ....

I was never a perfectionist;
I too abhor a void.
Being good hunter I do value
Both game plus duck decoyed.

(Yolanda Martin )

Can you teach the wind
to dance.
Can you teach the waves
to roll.
Can you teach the sun
to plants.
Can you teach the heart
to Soul.

Can you teach the moon
to face.
Can you teach the love
to past.
Can you teach the time
to space.
Can you teach the earth
to last.

If you can then you know,
so try and understand.
This teaching poem does show
you love and work the land.

(Yolanda Martin )
All That Matters Now

It matters not how good I can write.
I know I am not a good writer.
I know I am not a good poet.
You all know it!

But it matters NOT how good I can write,
or how little or much I show it.
I know since the fact that I live is
All that matters now; must not blow it!

(Yolanda Martin )


If you desert who you are
For what someone wants
You to be, you forfeit
Your integrity.

Follow your guiding star.
Believe in who you are.
Forget and do not want

(Yolanda Martin )

What is a career?
Please lend me your ear.

A career is purpose.
A job I suppose.

A career can fulfill,
Ambitions instill.

A meaning to life
Conquering the strife.

Existence is learned
By career its earned.

(Yolanda Martin )

The will to live, the will to die
The will to love, the will to cry.

The will to work, the will to grin
The will to wake, the will to win.

The will to see, the will to hear
The will to save, the will to fear.

The will to make, the will to know
The will to mend, the will to grow.

The will to sing, the will to bop
The will to start, the will to stop.

The will to win, the will to sleep
The will to write, the will to speak.

(Yolanda Martin ).

Just a little rhyme
and a little message,
one not lost in time,
to read in this new age.

Art and faithful friends
are blessings to my soul,
never lost in time,
we're not apart but whole.

(Yolanda Martin )

Yolanda Somewhere in time


Smart people should treat
others less endowed kindly
never cruelly

Ambassadors Club
invites everyone to join
as diplomatist

An Ambassador
from heart of America
farms, nature, and fields

(Yolanda Martin )


Quietly I think of you today.
Silence is golden we think, we say.
Perhaps alone with our thoughts,
Maybe feeling with our hearts,
All the memories of yesterday.


A person who is unhappy with their self
Will never be happy with me.
Their own fears and faults mirrored as on a shelf,
Accusing me of what they see.

Imperfections they must see to learn and heal
Their troubled soul and mind of hate.
They once again can feel love and fairly deal
With others to improve their fate.

(Yolanda Martin )


To catch another's thought in flight
from heart to mind to sight
Is a gift humans left behind.

Some still have that ability
to fathom inner mind
And ,though rare, use it and perceive.

(Yolanda Martin )


Pass the time
Past the prime
Enjoying life,
Avoiding strife.

Create rhyme
Past the prime
Posting poems,
Writing, YO...M.'s.

It's no crime
Past the prime
To think wise words
Delights wizards!

Its playtime
Past the prime
Thinking for fun,
My work is done!
(Yolanda Martin )


a, e, i , o, u
Words from mind and heart,
eternally true,
are brushstrokes of art.
(Yolanda Martin )

riefly, I will provide you some background of my life up to the present because I feel it relates to
what matters most in writing and it influences my writing. I have avidly read many books in my
life. Books Intertel Top1 forum members are reading now, I read when I was still in High School
(1963). I continued reading Russian novels changing to technical books when I started my career as a
computer software developer after marrying my 1
husband and beginning our family of 3 children. A
life altering devastating divorce (1975) required self discovering and self developing in order to adjust
(previously I only had a limited self concept role as wife, and working mother). I adapted to being single
and soon began dating again. I learned to downhill ski and entered ski races, enjoyed tennis and volley
ball games, explored travel touring and motoring the roads of the Southwest and U.S., frequented night
spots for dancing, went camping a lot on weekends and vacations, hiked up and down the Grand
Canyon, enthusiastically enjoyed my life and marrying a 2
time to a lovable Honeywell Engineer and
Italian lover marathon runner. That lasted almost a decade until my 2nd husband and I were no longer
compatible and he had found a younger woman (of course). I immersed myself in my career again
leaving IBM to accept a job at AT&T (during the time of its divestiture, 1984). In 1985, I obtained a New
Zealand permanent residence VISA, and I accepted a position with DATABANK, a collective data
processing firm for all the Banks of New Zealand (4). Regretfully, I had to come back to America after
only 1 year in NZ to resolve identity theft crimes committed against me, and also to resolve some real
estate property problems requiring my personal attention. Although I had planned to return to NZ to
finish up my residency requirement, I was hit by a van while I was riding a bicycle, an accident disabling
me permanently (November, 1986). Since that time, I have been in recovery and rehabilitation (and am
still healing and will be for the rest of my life). I married my 3rd husband shortly after my accident and
he helped me survive my injuries, then through a mutual decision we divorced (he returned to his ex-
wife to continue to be a father to his son that was visually handicapped).
I think what matters most in writing are meaningful and interesting life
experiences which you can interpret and share in writing. It matters not
how good you can write or that others may choose to ignore what you
have written since the act of writing itself is therapeutic, cathartic, and
becomes a record valuable to the writer to read and thoughtfully
process. The more you write the easier it is to organize your thoughts
and express them. If time allows, you try to write in such an interesting
way as to interest others enough to read what you have written, re-write
the material, edit it, format it, and enhance in every imaginable way