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GOAL: Seek persons who are positive and cheerful, those who are moving forward in their lives productively. Those who are secure, successful, and self confident in their own life will most likely be helpful and encouraging to others they meet who share their common interests
To work toward the above stated goal, I joined Phoenix Artists Guild volunteering 2007-2009 to serve in a newly created position defining the WebArtiste Chairperson position (Designs, Develops, and is the Systems Administrator of the PAG Web site). Various Web Graphics and Art Videos were created and used in their Web Site: https://PAGWP-WebPages-8navs.html (for words about its design to be found at

There are now many Artists' friendships in PAG, and I even won ribbons for my Pekingese Art Entries in the last 3 shows the Phoenix Artists Guild has hosted. My digital Art paintings of my Pekingese pets were exhibited at JB's Restaurant, Spectrum Mall, in Phoenix; at the Beatitudes Church, 7th Ave and Glendale Ave, Phoenix, Arizona; and at the Glendale Adult Center, Brown and 59th Ave, Glendale, Arizona.
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PAG truly is a fun group open to all,
Every Artist proudly standing tall,
Adorning galleries, even JB's Restaurant Wall,
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall!

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Christmas Party Collage
To view video of Christmas Party
and Christmas Party Montage
by Yolanda Martin

PAG Party by Shakey Walls

PAG Party Montage by
Shakey Walls

Members Plus More Montage by Yolanda Martin

Members Plus More
by Yolanda Martin

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"Art, it seems to me, should simplify finding what conventions of form and what detail one can do without and yet preserve the spirit of the whole - so that all that one has suppressed and cut away is there to the reader's consciousness as much as if it were in type on the page."

Willa Cather photo
Willa Cather
I am also an active member of the following organizations:
the East Valley Art Guild serving as their web image designer ;
the Arizona Artists Guild;
the American and local Phoenix Mensa httsp://
Mensa Logo
From 2007-July 2009 I served as member volunteer for the more exclusive Intertel organization volunteering as their WebMomma for the International high IQ organization, Intertel,(over 1200 + members world wide) and also volunteering to be their Intertel Arizona Area Coordinator;;
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My reasons for volunteering. After all the hours I have spent learning photo editing, how to operate my PC and its software/hardware, it is only prudent to produce something every now and then considered worthy by others and at the same time increasing social marketing collateral for Intertel by increasing beneficial services to its members and retaining or adding to overall membership headcount.

Contributing to Intertel in ways that I enjoy such as this task also justifies my continued learning of all the varied computerized modern ways to communicate and certainly keeps me competitive in this game of life (and occasionally adds social collateral to increase my personal friendships).

Unlike enemies, no one can ever have too many friends in their life time! It helps us cope with adversity and stimulates us to achievements we never could have imagined without having met those friends so instrumental to our personal growth.
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and last but not least, the Helen Drake Sr. Center in NW Phoenix, Arizona with City of Phoenix sponsored opportunities to participate in their many programs of social and leisure time activities for senior citizens including luncheons with local friends in the neighborhood.