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Yolanda Martin
age 75
Phoenix, Arizona
rural Illinois born
U.S. citizen

At this time my spiritual soul is listening and appreciating Dr. A.W. Farnsworth, IV Sunday sermons as a Church of Christ lifetime career minister and also as family, my cousin, and childhood friend. Following link is an online web page using my domain making his recent sermons available. They are being home video recorded {since corona virus pandemic caused churches in America to be temporarily closed}.
Please do subscribe (at no cost) to help support his YouTube channel accessibility.
Memorial Day Church Sermon outreach video

As a Christian soul, Sunday Sermons always make me reflect about life and relationships with God.
Metaphysically, Who am I? Why am I? When will or have I become me as meant to be?
Where will I begin or end the next version of me?

I believe LIFE is the schoolhouse for the soul.
A lot of questions already have answers decided by my history, my heredity, and my life's varied environments, my career choices, work experiences, educational attainment, my religion, country(s), and culture, but most importantly, by CHOICES I CONTINUE TO MAKE (freely and/or influenced by friends, family, social, legal, medical, health, age, and safety considerations).

My career was working as an IBM System Software Computer Designer/Developer in U.S. and New Zealand. Post retirement I developed additional skills in digital photography art and graphics, writing blogs, poetry and articles, or other creative pursuits at my Phoenix, Arizona home.
For my Pugs, I created a FB page by the name of PUG PLACE PHOENIX and will be featuring 2021 puppy litters available for adoption to approved homes later on here.
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This is a personal web site created as HTML/CSS coding-work-in-progress for learning more about web design, implementation, and updating as needed. This web site has an alias domain name of and it provides information about myself, my writing, my photography, my Art, and my love for AKC registered Pugs and Pekingese (my home companion pets). I stopped breeding Champion Show Pedigree Pekingese in 2015 and in 2019 decided to breed only AKC registered Pugs. All comments about my site are appreciated; please contact me using the send me email button below. It would be appreciated to know your thoughts about my web site to improve it. Additionally, an added benefit is to develop friendships with others having similar interests as my own.

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