I like owning Pekingese and am a hobby breeder of show quality Pekingese. I am in my early 60's and am a retired IBM large host installations system software programmer/developer.

I live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona and enjoy winters without snow and ice although the summers can be pretty uncomfortable. My hobbies are my Pekingese and taking photos of my Pekingese and then using either PI10 or PSP photo editing programs, I use the photos for Outlook Express stationery or display them on my web site. I coded the HTML code for my web site myself after learning how by taking a class taught by Mary Lou White of Visual Arts Academy.

In the past I was the newsletter editor for the Arizona Pekingese Club and I am also the owner/moderator of a Yahoo group (Azpekelist) and a Google group (Arizona Pekingese) organized for Arizona Pekingese owners. Knowing how to use the computer with ease and confidence has aided me in both of these activities.

To visit my web site for more information about my kennel My Song Pekingese Park and myself click on the link in the credits below. To see some of my stationery strips that I have made for Outlook Express, click on the graphics bone to the left on this page.

I Sincerely hope that you will take the time to email me so that we can each get to know one another and be friends.

Yolanda Martin

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